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A musician by nature, Natasha’s start in the events industry happened by accident. As a celebrated violinist and jazz vocalist, Natasha released seven records on her own label. It wasn’t long before word of her talent spread far and wide and she often found her gig schedule fully booked. Eager to please, she was happy to refer other musicians in her place — this thoughtful gesture gradually evolved into Entire Productions, a leading experience design and entertainment booking company based in San Francisco with a satellite office in Los Angeles. Her experience in media buying and advertising has helped Entire Productions thrive in every market that it has entered.

Natasha is a captivating speaker that speaks from the heart. She can connect with your audience authentically and expertly, no matter what the demographic. She’s versatile and easy to work with.
— Kate Patay- CPCE

Natasha’s commitment to growing Entire Productions has earned her recognition from Inc. Magazine as one of the 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies in America, as well as Entrepreneur Magazine’s List of the Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America. She is a prolific philanthropist, having founded a scholarship fund for musicians, having sat on the boards of the Symphonix Advisory Board and International Live Events Association, and contributing time and resources to numerous charities.

She continues to share her expertise through speaking engagements, including Dreamforce, The Digital Hollywood Experience, SmartMeetings, and SheWork. She has also earned press features in top publications, like Inc. Magazine, Thrive Global, San Francisco Business Times, Authority Magazine, and The Wedding Biz podcast.

I can’t thank you enough for all you did for Inc. over the past couple of days. are a great interview: You looked totally confident on stage... and the insights you gave the entrepreneurs in attendance was priceless. And on top of everything else, you also made yourself available to consult with the attendees. That was above and beyond.
— Eric Schurenberg CEO, Fast Company & Inc. Magazine
Natasha is a natural storyteller who uses her adventurous journey from entertainer to entrepreneur to communicate powerful messages on stage. Beyond the stage, she was a joy to work with; I’d build more stories with her anytime!
— Laurel Laidlaw- Salesforce (Dreamforce)



  • Thriving in Spite of Hardship

  • Experiential Marketing Events

  • Entertainment Production for Special Events

  • Not Your Average Wedding: A Look at Modern Event Entertainment


  • Creating a Kick-Ass Company Culture

  • How to Amaze and Wow your Clients with Experiential Marketing Events (and fill your pipeline while doing it)

  • The Accidental Entrepreneur- From Performing Musician to Successful Event Production Company Owner

  • How I Increased My Business by 70% two Years in a Row

  • Utilizing Technology to Impress and Delight your Clients (and make your life and business easier)

  • Win Business with Amazing Proposals










I’ve probably been to hundreds of seminars over the years and most fall short. As a presenter, there is a perfect balance of informative and actionable that Natasha Miller nailed. Her demeanor was upbeat, keeping everyone engaged the whole time. You felt like she was speaking to you, not at you. The net result was that we all walked away with a better understanding of how to plan a wonderful event and a step by step guide to achieving that desired result. I look forward to the next opportunity to learn from Natasha. 
— Josh Kopel- Owner, Preux & Proper
Natasha Miller is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. She’s built an incredible business on her own and transformed not just event entertainment, but the way in which events businesses operate and scale. As a speaker, she is a genuine storyteller of her own path to success and has the ability to connect with her audience. I was able to watch her at Covenant House in Hollywood, tell her story of hardship and connect with the youth to inspire them. At conferences and seminars, Natasha is full of energy and funny, which again adds to the depth of what she delivers. Natasha is engaging, fun, and poignant, and I always know I will learn a lot from her hard work whenever I get to hear her speak.
— Morgan Smith- Director of Events, Gwen LA
Natasha’s presentation really ignited our thinking… how can we market differently and intelligently, especially when a golf tournament is considered exciting in the real estate private equity world. The events she shared in her presentation made me realize that we can do much more with our marketing dollars. Thank you!
— Dani Evanson- Managing Director, RMA
Natasha has a very inspiring story. Taking her life experience and creating Entire Productions has taken extreme dedication and an incredible work ethic. Natasha’s drive is admirable. Balancing motherhood and a thriving business, she is a great example of pushing yourself to the next level.
— Desi Whitney- Senior VP, Sourcing Operations & Industry Relations HPN Global
Natasha knocked it out of the park. I came to the event with an open mind, but thought that there was virtually no way that her topic would directly apply to my business. She quickly proved otherwise! For the first time in 19 years, I have now started to plan a Christmas party to celebrate our clients. I am excited to see what this journey has in store for me, my business, and my clientele!
— Jason Zdenek, President, Mobile Illuminations